Training for Competitive Advantage

This entails short-term programmes focusing on imparting knowledge to identified stakeholders such as management, employees and clients. GHMC Ltd. offer practical oriented training in areas such as:


Specific services we offer along these lines include:

  1. Resource mobilization /Fund raising for County governments;
  2. Performance management including Balanced Score Card;
  3. Corporate governance;
  4. Business process re-engineering;
  5. Management skills development;
  6. Customer care;
  7. Operations management;
  8. Supplies chain management;
  9. Finance for non finance managers;
  10. Strategic risk management;
  11. Risk management process;
  12. Rationale of risk management;
  13. Implementing a risk framework;
  14. Risk management in credit control;
  15. Financial instruments;
  16. Cost saving measures;
  17. Information Communication and Technology (ICT);
  18. Small business management;
  19. Human resource management strategy;
  20. Change management;
  21. Strategic planning and management ;
  22. Total quality management;
  23. Alcohol and drug abuse;
  24. Food and beverage control;
  25. Records management training;
  26. Effective communication;
  27. Ethics;
  28. Conflict management;
  29. Effective telephone communication;
  30. Sales officer course/ achieving and service excellence
  31. Team building; and
  32. Organizational culture change.
  33. In addition, GHMC Ltd. undertakes curriculum development of academic and professional programmes.