Ms. Noel Khayenje Lusega

Proposed position: Consultant
Name of firm: GHMC Ltd.
Profession: Lecturer and Counseling Psychologist Consultant
Date of birth: 1980
Years with firm: 5
Nationality: Kenyan

About Ms. Noel Khayenje Lusega

Summary of Education and Key Qualifications
Consultant, Researcher and Counseling Psychologist

Key assignments and researches undertaken
Over nine years consolidated and significantly acquired experience in offering psycho-social training of both trainers, teachers and trainees in different settings. Ms. Lusega has had an opportunity to provide preventive, supportive and curative counseling and mental health services in multicultural setting. She has soft skills in stress management and trauma focused therapy in handling post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

She is experienced in emergency responses including but not limited to: loses, terror attacks, fire, accidents, drug intoxication and mental breakdowns at communal and individual levels. Ms. Lusega has experience in using creative and practical psycho-education approaches to counseling including: creating and reviewing informative information posters, fliers and brochures focusing on prevention and management of psychosocial issues as stress, relationship dynamics and other psychosocial disorders. Ms. Lusego has been quite instrumental to the firm.

Ms. Lusega is an Associate Member of Kenya Counselors and Psychologists Association (KCPA)

Key Assignments and Researches Undertaken

  • Offering individual, group and family and couple counseling on numerous psychological, social emotional and mental issues;

  • Delivering training on issues among others basic psychosocial care, stress and its management, life skills, relationship dynamics and mental health;

  • Planning and developing curriculum and coordinating training programmes for certificate and diploma students, trainers, teachers, parents and caregivers, community leaders, youth peer education;

  • Conducting psychological assessment on mental health disorders among them stress, anxiety and post trauma stress disorder (PTSD) and offering short and long term therapeutic interventions as well as referrals;

  • Crisis response on client psychological encounters’ e.g. suicide, trauma, drug reactions or intoxication, psychotic attacks and dealing with news of death or other losses;

  • Making referrals for other interventions not addressed through counseling and counseling networks including but not limited to: different psychiatric, rehabilitation, group support and medical contacts;

  • Implementing ‘peer support call’ program for telephone counseling support and crisis response among peers, among others.






Dystar University

Master of Arts (Counseling Psychology)


Kenyatta University

Bachelor of Education Arts


Lirhanda Girls



Shibuye Girls


Employment Record





2013- To Date


Senior Counselor


2018 To Date

Education Program International




Amani Counseling Centre & Training


Counselor, Trainer &

Programs Coordinator



Kenya Institute of Social Work &

Community Development

Head of Department


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