Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management (HRM) involves analysis and review of organization structure, job analysis and job evaluation, terms and remuneration structure review, employee satisfaction surveys and training needs’ assessment.

GHMC Ltd. offers advice on various aspects of human resources (HR) and organizational development. GHMC Ltd. consults in the development of human resource strategy, training policy development, performance evaluation systems, development of human resources manual or handbook, human resource planning, evaluation and control.

In addition, GHMC Ltd. offers recruitment services.
GHMC Ltd., offers continuous professional development (CPDs) courses to HR specialists and any other interested party.

These CPDs covers the following areas: the human resource (HR) environment; HR evaluation, HR planning, HR acquisition, learning and development, performance management, compensation management, career management, succession management, change management, workplace mentorship and international human resource management. These courses are spread throughout the year as indicated in our calendar.

Human Resources Management

The specific expertise offered in these core areas includes:

  1. Strategic human resource management
  2. Managing across culture;
  3. Talent management;
  4. 360 degree feedback;
  5. Performance management; and
  6. Competency – based HRM