Project Management

We at GHMC Ltd. take a serious and methodical approach to planning and guiding project process from the point of start to finish. We offer these services to ensure no mismatch existsbetween the solutions we offer and their implementation. We offer consultancy to our clients through the various stages of a project that include initiation, planning, executing, controlling and closing.

Business Strategic

Specific services we offer along these lines include:

  1. Identification of a management problem through functional audits;
  2. Assistance in establishing the brief;
  3. Definition of the project scope;
  4. Appraisal development to ensure everyone is aware of what is expected of the project;
  5. Advice on terms and conditions for the appointment of the other consultants;
  6. Planning and scheduling of the project;
  7. Design co-ordination including reporting on cost, information required program and legalities;
  8. Managing, coordinating and supervising the contractors, artist and Consultant team as required to the project cost monitoring;
  9. Preparing monthly status reports on project progress;
    Assisting in collating as installed record drawing and all necessary confirmations of statutory consents;
  10. Organizing, programming and assisting in inspecting completion of any snagging or unfurnished works by contractors and specialists; and
  11. Commissioning and if required, marketing the completed projects.