Leadership and Motivation

GHMC Ltd., is aware that employees go through many psycho-socio economic challenges including but not limited to : financial, social issues, health issues among others.

These challenges affect employees in a negative way and at the end, employees become unproductive. Due to stress that may affect employees, some of these employees may end up being depressed.

The company has therefore designed training programmes that will take these challenging issues into consideration.

The specific expertise offered in these core areas includes:

  1. Understanding the need for HR counseling;
  2. Understanding interpersonal communication and helping skills;
  3. HR manager as a caring helper;
  4. Specific helps for HR counseling;
  5. Clinical issues in HR counseling;
  6. Nature and courses of addiction;
  7. Depressants and stimulants and
  8. Addictive disorders and addiction in medicine